Planning & Funding

Providing long-term plans that are achievable and that strategically position our clients to respond to changing conditions and unforeseen opportunities.

What We Do

Leading the Way

MSG is a leader in urban revitalization, transportation, campus, environmental, cemetery and community planning. Planning is a multi-disciplinary, collaborative process that begins with a need or a vision and never ends. Our goal is to create livable, healthy, sustainable environments. We assist you in realizing the best use of limited resources, foster public and private relationships and achieve your vision.

Funding Strategy Assistance

MSG actively seeks out grant opportunities and develops funding strategies. Obtaining funding is a critical part of our planning work. Success is often achieved through a combination of funding sources. We are skilled in writing grants whether the source is government funding or the non-traditional, foundation based grant. MSG can prepare the entire grant funding application and supporting documents, or support your expertise.

Planning & Funding Projects