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MSG offers comprehensive expertise to meet the needs of our public and private sector clients.

What We Do

Affordable Housing PCA/CNA
Air Quality
Aquatic, Wetlands & Coastal Habitat Restoration
Aquifer Storage & Recovery
Asbestos & Hazardous Materials Identification
As-Built Survey
Asset Management
Bidding Documents & Awards
Boundary Survey
Bridge Design
Bridge Inspection
Bridge Load Rating
Bridge Survey
Brownfields Redevelopment
Capital Needs Assessments (CNA)
Cemetery Planning & Design
Civil Engineering
Combined Sewer Overflow
Complete Streets
Community Relations
Compliance Services: Schedules, Tasks, Documentation, Inspection/Audits, Negotiations
Conceptual Planning
Confined Disposal Facilities
Construction Engineering & Inspection
Construction Contract Administration & Funding Compliance
Construction Quality Assurance
Construction Materials Testing
Construction Staking / Layout
Construction Support Services
Corridor Planning
Critical Path Scheduling & Estimating
Cultural Resources
Deactivation, Decommissioning, Decontamination and Demolition (D4)
Dredged Material & Sediment Evaluation
Drinking Water
Due Diligence
Ecological Risk Assessment
Emergency Management & Security
Engineered Treatment Systems
Environmental Investigation (Phase I & II)
Environmental Site Assessment
Environmental Management
Expert Witness Testimony
Facilities – Industrial Water & Wastewater Management
Facility Auditing & Compliance
Field Soil testing
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Geophysical Studies
Geotechnical Analysis & Recommendations
Geotechnical Engineering
Global Positioning Services (GPS)/Geodetic Control
Global Product Stewardship
Greenhouse Gas Management Solutions
Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
Groundwater Monitoring
Hazardous Materials & Asbestos Identification
Health & Safety Management
Highway & Roadway Design
Historic Reconnaissance
Human Health Risk Assessment
Hydraulic Engineering
Hydrogeological Studies
Industrial Hygiene
Industrial Water & Wastewater Management
Information Management
In-Situ Remediation
Laboratory Soil Testing Management
Landscape Architecture
Landscape Design
Licensing, Permitting & Environmental Studies
Litigation Support
Management & Operations
Management Consulting
Management Systems & Standards

Mass Transit Design
Master Planning
Modeling & Systems Analysis
Multi-Modal Planning & Design
Municipal Solid Waste Management                                                       Natural Resources
Natural Resource Damage Assessment
NEPA, Project Development & Permitting
Operations, Maintenance & Monitoring
Parks & Recreational Facilities
Pavement Management with PAVER
Phase I Reconnaissance Level Survey
Phase II Intensive Level Survey/Site Evaluation
Phase III Data Recovery & Mitigation Planning
Photogrammetric Control Survey
Pipeline Rehabilitation
Planning & Permitting
Portfolio Management & Risk Transfer
Ports Engineering
Program Management
Property Conditions Assessments (PCA)
Property Redevelopment/Revitalization
Public Involvement
Rail Design
Rail Service Provider Coordination & Approval
Regulatory Compliance
Remediation Planning & Cost Analysis
Risk Assessment
Roadway Design
Roadway Design Survey
Seaport Design
Section 106 Consultation & Compliance
Section 4(f)/6(f) Consultation & Compliance
Sediment Assessment, Management & Remediation
Site Characterization
Site Design & Development
Site Investigation
Site Planning
Special Assessment
Storm Water Management
Structural Engineering
Structural Steel Quality Assurance
Subsurface Investigation
Subsurface Utility Engineering
Surface Water & Sediments
Surface Water Management
Sustainable Buildings Services
Sustainable Development/Social Responsibility
Sustainable Environmental Services
Sustainable Infrastructure Services
Systems Planning
Topographic Survey
Traffic Engineering
Treatability Studies
Tunnel Design
Tunneling & Underground Infrastructure
Urban Design
Urban Planning
Urban Revitalization
Utility Management Consulting
Value Management
Vapor Intrusion
Warranty Compliance
Waste Management
Wastewater Conveyance Design
Wastewater Facility O&M
Water Conveyance Design
Water Master Planning
Water Treatment
Water Treatment Advanced Technologies
Water Treatment Construction Management
Watershed Management
Wetland Delineation
Wetland Mitigation
Wind Energy Consulting
Zoning & Permitting

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