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Sustainability - Parks

Sustainability - Parks

A park designed with sustainability in mind can help restore much needed greenspace to an urban environment while providing a great local amenity that lends social and health benefits to the community.

Here are some thoughts to consider when taking on a park project:


-  Greenspace reduces heat island effect, which is especially helpful in cities

-  Native plants support species diversity, reduce maintenance requirements, and are pollinator-friendly


-  Multipurpose spaces keep the park in use regularly, preventing it from becoming an abandoned place

-  Recreation for all ages and activity levels is inviting to people at any stage of life

-  Seating and accessibility allows the park to be enjoyed by everyone regardless of physical ability


-  Responsible ownership involving committed stakeholders can lead to funding spaces that support community members, including local artists and business owners

-  Conservancy support programs can help with regular maintenance activities such as litter pickup, trash/recycling services, and lawn care


-  Interpretive signage helps educate the public and generate positive experiences

-  Putting trash and recycling receptacles near benches and gathering places, and at regular intervals along pathways, is a great way to prevent littering


-  Adequate lighting allows users to see and be seen

-  Emergency stations that are visible and easy to access can have help arrive quickly when needed

-  Clear sight lines prevent the opportunity for unwanted activity