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MSG Secures more than $100M in Funding

MSG Secures more than $100M in Funding

The Mannik & Smith Group, Inc. (MSG) recently reached a milestone in securing more than $100 million in funding dollars for nearly 60 communities, agencies and private sector clients throughout Ohio and Michigan.

For 15 years, MSG has been active in identifying and assisting with the development of funding strategies for moving planned projects to the implementation stage. The firm, which provides planning, infrastructure design, and environmental services, identifies funding sources to assist clients offset the rising cost of construction materials, declining tax revenues and the tightening of local, state and federal budgets.

According to Pat Etchie, MSG chief planner/grant strategist, these strategies often involve a mix of local matching funds, state funds and federal funds. MSG assists clients in the preparation of the funding applications or prepares the complete submittal. 

"There are also public-private partnerships that can be explored along with Tax Increment Financing, Transportation Improvement Districts and other non-traditional ways of funding projects," explained Etchie. "The diverse services that MSG offers, allows us to identify a planned approach to securing funds for a project. We believe in setting specific incremental goals to bring each application to fruition in a timely manner." 

Projects funded by MSG-assisted applications include a variety of projects such as roadway safety; bridge load ratings; bridge replacements; storm water management; streetscapes; signal systems; multi-use paths; brownfield clean-ups; and recreational projects. MSG has provided successful funding applications for more than 100 projects since 2000.