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Having budget issues that are preventing you from building your projects?

Our grant strategists have helped our public and private clients secure over $121 Million in the past 15 years for their priority projects. Through innovative funding strategies, MSG’s in-house professionals find you the money. We excel at coordinating complex procurement procedures and developing competitive grant applications within both public and private funding programs. What’s more: we identify ways to leverage multiple funding sources to help our clients achieve success. MSG can prepare the entire grant application with the required supporting documents or assist with specific aspects of the funding process.

Grant writing has become a critical area of expertise needed to supplement the ever-shrinking tax revenues for infrastructure improvements, environmental property assessments, cleanup, and ecological restoration. By adapting to continuously changing social/program policies, we provide valuable input on how best to leverage your community assets to secure outside funding sources. Our diverse staff can then assist you through the project development process to meet post-award grant compliance procedures.