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Need to investigate subsurface conditions and evaluate earthworks for your projects?

Our in-house drilling fleet includes multiple all-terrain rigs that are capable of a wide range of soil and site conditions including access and height restrictions. These self-propelled drill rigs are meant for tough, tight, congested, or high-profile areas that work well in less-than-perfect conditions such as mud, very loose sand, and shallow water.  Our experienced drilling operators perform soil borings, disturbed/ undisturbed soil sampling, pavement coring and sampling, install monitoring wells, piezometers and inclinometers, and conduct laboratory testing. Our team of geotechnical engineers utilizes this information to design foundations, retaining walls, deep excavations and other underground structures.   

By maintaining in-house drill rigs and a nationally-certified laboratory, we can deliver projects efficiently while providing cost-saving measures.  Our specially trained staff is experienced in geotechnical engineering, geology, hydrogeology, and geophysics with the experience, know-how and resources to resolve any geotechnical and subsurface issue that will be present on your project.